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Elder/Senior Care


Initial 1 hour consultation - No Fee

Family meetings preferred to have all family in attendance if everyone lives locally.

Video conference solutions available. 

Great solutions for families who live or travel out of state or the United States or to accommodate parents who are unable to attend family conference.

Extra time will be required to set up for video conference consultations. 

Initiation fee and monthly subscription will be discussed at the time of consultation.

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Businesses or Group Facilitation


Initial 1 hour consultation - No fee

Will determine which pricing solution works best for the situation.


For long-term or complex situation;  monthly stipend applies.

Includes: group facilitation, mediation, conflict coaching and lunch & learns

Group Facilitation 

Fees shared by the members

Fees might be paid by a single party.

Mediation - Hourly rates

Fees may be split between parties or paid by a single party

Conflict Coaching 

Fees at half day rates

Lunch and Learn sessions 

No cost

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Community Outreach organizations



Government - State, County, City 

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