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About Us

Amy Miller, owner and founder of Miller Mediation and Solution,Inc. Amy is a qualified neutral.

Our Experience

Miller Mediation and Solution, Inc, or MMS, Inc., opened its doors in September 2018. Following a 22 year career providing dispute resolution services to a Fortune 10 Telecom company, Amy Miller wanted to share her negotiation, communication, coaching, international and domestic business skills with the local business community. Amy looks forward to providing group facilitation for businesses and families dealing with housing, financial and elder care transitions.

Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 for Minnesota

Certified National Association Certified Mediator (NACM)

Certified Conflict Coach 

Graduate of Women Ventures 

Volunteers with Conflict Resolution Center (in Minneapolis), Dispute Resolution Center (in St. Paul), Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women (SVABW), STRIVE for College bound students and her local church.

Amy is the proud mom of two children, Killian and Liam.

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Rebuild Trust

Conflict happens. We are in a fast paced world with so much of our work being done online and no time to rest or think.Our ability to stop and have a cup of coffee with a coworker or a neighbor never seems to materialize. Many of us are dealing with raising families and caring for our parents who are going through their own transitions with health, housing and financial concerns. Whether it's stress induced or created by a misunderstanding, we might find not getting along in our families, workplace or neighborhood. 

Mediation is a great process to create your own solution with those close to you through open dialogue, active listening and productive problem solving. Meditations are voluntary, support self - determination (the parties discover their own solutions), confidential and could be quicker and cheaper than litigation. 

Once an agreement is made, having it written down allows it to be enforceable and referenced at a later date.

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Restore Productive Relationships

  • Supports difficult conversations with compassion and respect

  • Protects the dignity of our parents while supporting and restoring family relationships 

  • Effective means to protect personal and business reputations

  • Reduces loss of valuable employees, clients, neighbors or community members

  • Facilitation of conflict between with large groups can be resolved in a manner which adds to the business or community identity

  •  Clients who use mediation to create their own solution has an 85% or better satisfaction rate with the process

  • Mediation costs less money and quicker than litigation